The Path from Fear to Fearlessness [e-book]

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Readers of this book are impressed by the honesty of the author describing the fears she has experienced. They are, also, impressed by the gratitude she expresses to the Master Dimitris Kakalidis who helped her to follow the path to fearlessness. Her language is simple and clear. The style is not affected by the scientific data she cites in order to check it against the teaching of Dimitris Kakalidis. She describes her efforts to “conquer” fear, which for three years has been a daily problem in her life. This problem was greatly reduced within the first five months after the day she met Dimitris Kakalidis and received his help.

The author’s work is an example that may help those who experience similar fears and phobias. The positive results she experienced led her to seek the path of spirituality and continue her progress to fearlessness. She is now convinced that this is the only road that delivers man from daily tribulations and leads to light, love and freedom.