Small Temples on a Wave [e-book]

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The collection of poems titled 'Small Temples on the Wave' is full of the 'sea' – its colour, its sounds, its force and serenity.

It represents a symbolic resemblance and simultaneously a hymn to the journey of life, where each word becomes like a ‘rescuing boat’ amongst the joys, the sorrows, the visions and its ideas; every day’s contemplation, that covers with lyricism the sacred ‘body’ of every poem.

Each poem, is a temple, a simple but bright one – a temple of Light – on the wave of life; and the reader is travelling alongside, with a sense of security and devoutness, on a 'path of the soul' as stated in the poet’s verse. It is a path that begins from the 'Turnings of the Night'…till the 'Eras’ serenity' is achieved.