The Concealed Lotus of Manifestation [audio book]

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Audio book of Dimitris Kakalidis poetic work "The Concealed Lotus of Manifestation".


"I exist!

Like the wind I am..."


In the poetic work “The Concealed Lotus of Manifestation” Dimitris Kakalidis turns to the heart of creation, the human being. He penetrates like “a musical concert”, like a “praise at dawn” in all man’s aspects both positive and negative, which he glorifies with great inspiration. He yearns to bring to light the divine nature of man.


"I arise…

I return to the seeds, to the vegetation,

to the soil of the earth and to the leaves,

I become photosynthesis."


Like a vehement wind his word carries away the reader in “unheard heights” those of the “pure Mind”. This is where the poet wishes for every man to be and to know himself. To see the “lily” in the “thistle”, the “light” in the “darkness”. For the hidden essence of existence to be revealed to him.


"And the recollection,

the memory since the dawn of time;

I am what I was,

I became everything I had been."