Book presentation in "Nea Skepsi" magazine on the book "...and the shadows became light"

A simple journey of an everyday person from the shadows of insecurity and doubt to the light. A course which is defined but not confined to a beginning and an end. Because the beginning is always open for those who decide to cross the threshold (for many are called, but few are chosen) and those who endlessly try climbing on the way towards the distant singular top.


A writing sample from an extract from the book: ...When a baby cries, unconsciously entrusts its fear or any other situation to its mother, who with her care will release it from its difficulty. Therefore, if I also surrendered my mistake to the Entity, not only It would show me how to correct it and pass to fearlessnessbut It would solve it for me ... And all these "God helps those who help themselves".


"Nea Skepsi" Magazine

January - March 2014

Issue 529