Our new poetry collection, “For the flowers to sing”, by Vassiliki Ergazaki

We have just received and are sharing with you our new book, the third poetry collection by Vassiliki Ergazaki, a poetess, mathematician and a member of our Literary Workshop, titled “For the Flowers to Sing”.


In this book, the melodies and aromas of her new poems emerge to awaken the soul so that it can express itself self-luminous and complete.


With penetrating sight and a wide-angled mind, the literary critic and exceptional litterateur, Mr Dimitris Karamvalis, writes, among other things, in the introductory note for the book:


(…) Poetry from within, spiritual blossoming, and the rupture and fission of the horizons, a communication between the world above and the world below, a perpetual ignition and attestation, discovery and loss, “a garden burning” and light where the flowers and the fragrant herbs meet somewhere with “the expectation’s inside covers”, there where the colours and the souls fight “to free the infinite”. (…)

A poetry of responsibility and with the pulse of battle.