Our new edition books!

We are in the process of renewing our books! They are being re-published with new covers, in a larger size and in a new, more legible form.

The four volumes of the series "The Master" and the books "The Path from Fear to Fearlessness", "Spiritual Healing", "Man and Money", "The Sacred Task of the Soul", "The Power of the Woman", "The Knowledge of the Educator", "Lilian", "The Heart of the Earth", "Individuality Unity Monad" and the Trilogy "Woman", "Man" και "Couple" already circulate in their renewed edition, while "The Wisdom of the Narrative" and "The Wisdom of the Poem" are also disposed in a hard-cover edition.


Moreover four of our titles, "Spiritual Healing", "The Master I", "The Path from Fear to Fearlessness" and "Individuality Unity Monad", have been translated and are published in English.