Presentation of Ms Koutsohera’s work

Packed with members, friends and remarkable writers and poets was the Society on Monday 1st of November 2010, for the presentation of the distinguished poet-painter Ms Leta Koutsohera.



The presentation started with a greeting from the writer and editor of the magazine “Pneymatiki Zoi” Michalis Stafylas. Mr Stafylas, even though he couldn’t be present, expressed via his message his appreciation for the poet for whom, he said, poetry is “a beautiful handshake with fellow human beings”.

Ms Koutsohera’s work “Aidios Chronos” was presented by Victoria Makri, a writer herself. The speaker described Ms Koutsohera’s poetry with lyric and replete words revealing her ecumenical but at the same time personal expression. She denoted the “beautiful, deep, philosophical, full of panhuman truths poetic thought” of the poet, which “sets the reader free to include in her words the whole universe”.

Ms Koutsohera honoured the event by articulating some of her poems with her unique expression and modesty earning a warm adoration from all attendees. She thanked the Society for the event and referred with respect to its founder D. Kakalidis, who has analyzed one of her poems in his work “The Wisdom of Poetry”. This poem, “Topio Eksi”, and its analysis were both read.



Discussions took place afterwards regarding Ms Koutsohera’s work, its presentation and the connection between Servers’ Society’s synthetic philosophy and literature.

All attendants left with positive impressions and commented about the quality of the presentation and Society’s warm atmosphere. Our guests, writers, poets, publishers, friends of art and of Servers’ Society emphasized the need for us to continue organizing such events which promote spiritual expansion and the cultural aesthetics.



The Servers’ Society and Megas Seirios Publications have great love for literature and poetry through which we can probe into meanings for us and the world. This is the reason why in the field of our activities such presentations of great and significant writers are organized.


We wish to thank Ms Koutsohera and all who responded to our invitation for the honour they gave us.