Presentation of Megas Serios Publications at the Municipality of Egaleo's 8th Annual Book Exhibition

Our publishing house and the book “Seeking... from A to Z” written by Mina Gouvatsou – Karekou were presented at the 8th Annual Book Exhibition organised by the Municipality of Egaleo on Saturday 18th of September 2010.

The evening began with a reference to the publishing house’s work which serves philosophy and poetry with books that offer the reader answers to issues concerning every day life.



This was followed by the presentation of the book “Seeking... from A to Z” in which the subtitle of the book “ Synthesis of Science and Philosophy” was analyzed. The author, who is a mathematician by profession, elaborates in a simple and every day manner on her philosophical quests through a scientific perspective. The presentation was completed with the reading of selected extracts of the book.

The presentation made a very positive impression on all who attended receiving encouraging comments. Conversations with the attendees continued at the Society’s book stand at the exhibition, which hosted our books until Sunday the 19th of September.



Moreover, this is a conversation we invite you to openly have with us at our Society!