Presentation of Mrs E. Apostolidou-Loukatou’s literary work

During the 30 years of their operation, Omilos Eksipiretiton (the Servers’ Society) and Megas Seirios Publications have received great recognition by people of spirit.


The books of the publishing house have gained great reviews from significant academics, politicians and authors of our country but also foreigners, while literary magazines and people of the arts do presentations of the publishing house’s activity and its books.


The connection between the Society and the spiritual world of the country is long term, was built with its establishment and continues until today. Thus, within its continuous expanding action are the presentations of the work of distinguished Greek poets and writers.


On Monday, 03/05/2010, a presentation of the literary work of the poet, writer –mostly of historic documents- and essayist Ms Eleni Apostolidou-Loukatou was held in Omilos.



The event, in which many people of spirit attended, was initialized by the responsible of Megas Seirios Publications and the author Ms Viktoria Makri, who spoke about the work of the poet.


Ms Makri referred to the wealth of topics the writer deals with but mostly to the lyricism and the directness of her writing as “… through this love, the love for man and his passions, for his wrongs and rights, the poet sits down and writes”. The author “…writes having in her hands material from the nature of the mother and the stuff of the poet», Ms. Makri concludes.


Ms. Loukatou herself read abstracts of her work and talked about certain life events and how they inspired her to write.


More of similar events will be held in Omilos Eksipiretiton in the future as we are always wirking for the emergence of the spiritual nature of each individual and through the literary and poetic generation.