Presentation of D. Kakalidis auctorial work in the National Association of Greek Literary Writers

On 1st March 2010, the National Association of Greek Literary Writers (N.A.G.LW) honoured the poet and philosopher Dimitris Kakalidis during an event in which distinguished poets and literary writers were present, along with many friends of the letters and the arts.

Mrs. Eleni Apostolidou – Loukatou, a distinguished poet, essay-writer and author of, mainly, historical texts presented colorfully the philosophical, poetic and essay-work of D. Kakalidis, giving a full picture of the range of which it is characterized.



Being herself impressed- as she remarked- by the poet and philosopher Dimitris Kakalidis, she pointed out that in his work “the internal wondering is not restricted to the microcosm alone, it is not solely anthropocentric, but it is expanded to the great mystery of the universe and to the universal energy, with a love that is the overflow of the love that a spiritual man feels for the creation…”. The notions extend from the individual to the humanity, to the whole universe, to the Poet-Creator of all, praising the spiritual nature of man, so as to bring out his potential to reach redemption.

She characterized the poet as a “godly Master” and his work as “poetry of high intellect and aesthetics. A poetry that looks high and beyond, a poetry of sacred celebration”. According to the writer, D. Kakalidis’ word concentrates multiple meanings that are constantly revealed to the reader as he reads into them, bringing him a rebirth in both body and soul.



Further referring to his work on the analysis of Greek poets’ and literary writers’ works, Mrs. Apostolidou – Loukatou characterized it – along with other accomplished authors and literary critics – as a “universally pioneering spiritual heritage”. In her speech she highlighted that D. Kakalidis penetrates into the deeper essence of every work, proceeding from the limited to the infinite and from the formed to the formless, bringing a merciful message. She also pointed out that “by his comprehensive, substantial word and his god- inspired work he supported and he still supports people in an era of depreciation and deconstruction of all.”

The presentation was completed with the listening of a recorded declamation of poetry by D. Kakalidis.

During the conversation that followed, the present selected representatives of the country’s spiritual world congratulated the speaker on the completeness of her presentation and they reached the same conclusion as she did, regarding the value of D. Kakalidis work, especially as far as its ontological content is concerned that leads to the spiritual exaltation of man.



We would like to express our warm thanks to Mrs. Eleni Apostolidou – Loukatou and to the National Association of Greek Literary Writers for organizing this event as well as to all spiritual people who honored the poet and philosopher Dimitris Kakalidis with their presence.