Our Literary Workshop presented the literary work of author-poet Mr Kostas Stefanopoulos

The literary workshop of our publication house presented successfully the work of the renowned author and poet Mr Kostas Stefanopoulos.


The event, which took place on Saturday 16th February at the premises of Omilos Eksipireriton, was graced with the presence of prominent poets, authors, music composers, actors and cultural figures.



The presentation was opened and coordinated by Mrs Paraskevi Kostopetrou, head of the Literature Workshop and a poet in her own right. Mrs Kostopetrou introduced the work of Megas Seirios Publications and the esoteric aspect of Mr Stefanopoulos work.



The evening proceeded with Mrs Vassiliki Ergasaki, a member of our Literary Workshop, presenting the poet, his poetry and other works.



Whilst our beloved poet and artist Mrs Leta Koutsohera rendered with vivid colours the philosophical sense of his work. Mrs Koutsohera looked in-depth at one of Mr Stefanopoulos’ poetic collection "Small Gods in Apollonian Seas", sharing with us what she experienced.



The actress Ms Stella Arkadi recited poems and short stories from the author’s work.



A beautifully crafted video by members of the Literary Workshop took us on the crystal clear waters of Mr Stefanopoulos’ poetry, leaving us with the intense feeling of the essence of the poetry and philosophy of the “traveler” poet and author.


The event ended with a speech from our honoured guest, who thanked us with good grace for the presentation. A small reception followed afterwards giving everyone the opportunity to get acquainted.



Guests shared their thoughts and feelings on poetry and other forms of art, highlighting their profound role in mental exaltation and liberation.



The whole evening was an extraordinary journey in the serene oceans of Spirit.